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The following press release is from April 2002.



Internet censorship in germany

German companies develop internet censorship solutions

Internet activists are fighting against next generation of censorware with real life demonstration and online petition

Press release, April 2002        

The german companies Bocatel, Webwasher and Intranet develop together with the University of Dortmund an internet censorship system, which should be able to deny the access to selected URLs for everybody: a combination of intelligent routers with a transparent proxy and a centrally managed database of unwanted URLs, Ports and IPs.

See and for details (both german only).

At the moment the access providers in the german Bundesland (federal state) Northrine-Westfalia are forced to use DNS-Spoofing to supress the access to two domains: and; they plan to "filter" about 6000 foreign web sites! The local government initiates the development of the Bocatel/Webwasher filter solution and there is no doubt, that in the near future they will censor thousands of websites: the local government collects a wishlitsts of "unmoral" and unwanted pages which should be blocked:

There are still plans to block and Google (no joke!) – Google because it's cache.

The internet initiative ODEM and the german hacker organisation Chaos Computer Club (CCC) now perform an online petition and real life demonstration against internet censorship and for freedom of information in the internet.

Although the censorship system will be first used in germany, there is no doubt that it will be sold and installed worldwide. There are a lot of organisations, which will be interested in such a next generation of censorware, e.g. MPAA; IFPI, Scientology etc. So please sign the petition!


Real live demonstration and online petition against internet censorship

The district government of Düsseldorf county, Northrhine-Westfalia in Germany, is forcing Internet Service Providers to block access to selected foreign Internet sites.

The project was started with forbidding access to two right wing extremist sites hosted in the United States. Fighting right wing extremist ideologies reaches a broad consensus in Germany; however in this case it is used to gain acceptance for the establishment of a nationwide centralized filtering and blocking system.

Future plans contain blocking of content to protect minors, copyrights and consumer rights, including search engines that fail accordance with corresponding national guidelines and laws.

Together with corporate partners, Northrhine-Westfalia administration is developing a high capacity filtering system that is currently tested at the university of Dortmund. Intention is to create an architecture with centrally controlled blocking mechanisms that should be installed on gateway machines to the "foreign internet".

The Chaos Computer Club and ODEM regard this as a severe threat to the citizens' right of informational freedom. Not to be able to get information about political activity from publicly available sources must be considered a societal backstep for democracy.

A demonstration against this blocking plans will take place on the 6th of April on the streets of Düsseldorf. More information about this action can be found at

ODEM asks concerned users of the Internet to sign their declaration for the freedom of information. First signers already include Richard Stallman, Iac Clarke, journalist organizations like the "reporters without borders", scientists and politicians.


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