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Initiatives and supporters

The declaration for freedom of information in the internet was initiated by:

  • Alvar C.H. Freude
    Accredited designer; media artist and programmer;

  • Andreas Milles
    Understanding & Designing;

  • Burkhard Schröder
    Writer and journalist;

  • Florian Steglich

  • Andreas Schmidt
    Physician, Bonn

  • Wolfgang Leven
    IT training and consulting;

  • Trixy Freude
    Student of information design

  • Bettina Jodda
    Secretary and writer

  • Jörg-Olaf Schäfers
    Student and media producer

  • ... and more supporters

All at once can be reached through

In charge:
Alvar C.H. Freude
Fideliostraße 16
D-70597 Stuttgart

Phone: ++49 179 13 46 47 1

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